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Welcome to esculpta in the USA! If this is the first time you're visiting our store or if you are just getting to know our unique and intimate lifestyle products, we wish you enjoy the experience and that you're truly inspired by our world.
If you're inspired by simplicity but passionate for indulgence, then the intimate character of the esculpta collection carries a few pleasant surprises for you!
Each mens jewelry design featured in our online store has been crafted in limited quantities to complement a lifestyle of freedom and originality. All our items are 100% authentic designer originals.
We hope that you enjoy your visit!

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Le Cock Ring V / The Satyr
Le Cock Ring V / The Satyr
Your Price: $182.00
 4 Review(s)
Le Cock Ring II
Le Cock Ring II
Your Price: $165.00
 3 Review(s)
Le Cock Ring III / The Senator
Le Cock Ring III / The Senator
Your Price: $285.00
 0 Review(s)